About Us

About Us

Every year in Lorain County, hundreds of children are abused and neglected. Many of them are removed from their homes for their own protection and placed with relatives, interested third parties or in foster care. It is up to a magistrate or judge to decide their future. To make a good decision the magistrate or judge needs information. That’s where a Voices for Children, Court Appointed Special Advocate comes in.
CASA-GAL volunteers are men and women who volunteer their time to provide a service to the court, alongside attorneys, caseworkers, prosecutors and other court employees. As an appointed officer of the court, a CASA-GAL volunteer takes the time to find out as much as they can about the child. They review records;  interview parents and relatives; foster parents, counselors, therapists, caseworkers, teachers and most importantly-the child.

 When the CASA-GAL volunteer has a complete profile, they appear in court to recommend to the magistrate or judge what would be in a child's best interest.  The CASA-GAL volunteer also informs the magistrate or judge what the child's wishes and desires are.   A CASA-GAL volunteer is the Voice for a child. 
 If you are a caring, patient, objective adult who is concerned about the safety and welfare of children, Voices for Children needs you.  The children need you.

"Being a CASA-GAL volunteer has been the most rewarding volunteer work I've done. For that reason I've been a volunteer with CASA of Lorain County for the past 17 years. I love advocating for the most vulnerable members of our society. It's my privilege to be their voice."
~ Madeline, Voices for Children Volunteer since 1991 

"Being a CASA-GAL Volunteer is truly a rewarding experience. I am responsible for representing the best interests of children while working with the family, other individuals and related human services organizations. I continue to grow and learn from interactions and relationships with children that are in need of guidance and direction during a difficult time in their life. I have the opportunity to make a difference."
 ~ Gayle, Voices for Children Volunteer since 1996

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